Ok so I bought this 50,000 RP pack TWICE and it gave me the damage boost III and it’s not showing!!! Like wtf do I habe to buy that p.o.s. again!?

It might take a few minutes to register. If not, then try restarting the game and see if it shows up then.

It’s been a day now…

Sometimes you need to hard reset your console for items to show up in your REQ inventory

Still not there :frowning: I know there’s a way for 343 to see that I did in fact get the certification.

Hi there.

After checking, you unlocked the Active Camo III cert and the Damage Boost II cert from your packs. You did not unlock Damage Boost III.

I already had Damage II though

Idk. Maybe I didn’t and it was a stupid misunderstanding that’s 100% on me