Powdery Explosions

Remember back in CE, whenever something exploded, the explosion would always be a bright, long, satisfying, powdery smoke? The later Halo games didn’t have this little quality, in which the explosions would go boom, with no powdery satisfaction.

Like on the fragmentation’s explosion, it would be orange, the needler’s pink, and the plasma’s blue. It not only made grenades satisfying as hell to use, but it also made them seem ultra-powerful, and not just expendable exploding apples.

I hope CEA retains this little quality I hold ever so dearly to my heart.

True. Compared to H:CE, grenade explosions in the other games looked like firecrackers when they went off.

I think the powdery explosions are still in Halo: CEA. If you watch the trailer, when the Warthog is splattering Jackals, you can see an explosion go off quite nicely. :smiley: