POV on Halo 5 Beta (Updates will occur)

Thank you for whomever may read this.

I made this post in regards to the bugs and my personal opinions on the current status of the game and without further ado, let me begin.

Assault Rifle

Upon playing my first game of the beta i noticed that the Assault Rifle has become extremely powerful (under some circumstances of course) as the use of the smart scope makes it very accurate but for me, the range with the use of the smart scope is far too much. You know the thing is pretty damn powerful when you`re able to beat a guy at mid range whilst he wields a Battle Rifle.

Bane of Prophets
The Bane of Prophets is a fantastic weapon!! i absolutely love it!

But, call me stupid but i think the thing is too bright. Its very bright and has caused me to occasionally miss a damn swing as its size+brightness kind of makes an impact on your vision. Not the biggest thing that i have noticed but i thought it was worth mentioning.

After game scoreboard
As soon as you finish a game, a scoreboard with your previous game’s stats will appear and you will be able to brag and such but once you get rid of it, there’s no way to get it back and it is forever lost…until you go to the spartan hub and press on the select button on your controller. Upon doing this (and holding) a scoreboard of your previous game will appear over your spartan model but with this, you will only be able to see the opposing team’s stats instead of yours.

For now, this is all i can write but i will keep playing the beta and i will reach semi pro!! Currently Onyx 2.