Pour spartan customization, many options

In halo 5 we have tons of armor sets, but only 3 customization options for the spartan: helment, armor, visor. If we compare to halo 4 or Reach, that didnt had many armor but tons of options you could never find someone equal to you, not the same with halo 5 in which multiples time I found someone equal to me ):
So if at least for a start 343 you could do:
-In the customization options and armor sets : divide into paste, like the armor set and its variation (give us an option if we put like that or the normal form)
-Give us proper variation like halo reach, not paint jobs
-Add shouders customization
-Give us something we have to earn it, not more emblems

  • FLAME HEAD (someone of you may disagree or agree)

Thank you for reading :slight_smile:

I’m with you. The game has lost its personality without customization and split screen