Potential Sprint Compromise

Since Halo 4 and Halo 5, sprint became a base ability. Since it’s implication, Halo, in terms of popularity compared to past installments, staggered. Upon realizing that sprint is very likely to make it’s entry to future Halo games, it also means that halo will continue to be on the down low. However, a small amount veteran Halo players took it upon themselves to further prolong Halo’s lifespan by means of modification to previous games. One in particular, known as “SPV3”. This is a mod for the “Halo: Custom Edition” that changes the original Halo CE feel by adding new weapons, new enemies, improved graphics, different level design, changes to current weapons, and the addition of abilities. Specifically referring to an ability half of us know and “love”, sprint. Sprint in this mod may be the solution to the years old debate. Whats special about sprint in this mod is that it is very restrictive. When you jump with it activated, it will deactivate. When sprinting, your horizontal movement is also restricted (horizontal look speed is significantly reduced). It is used as a means to cover small distances in a short amount of time. Perhaps this variant of sprint can satisfy those who want sprint, and those who do not. Can we, the Halo community finally make a compromise? Tell me what you think.

I think it would work pretty well. I doubt it will happen, as many people in the community enjoy sprint and it seems like this is the path 343 is taking with halo.

Agreed. Sprint is very much enjoyed. And added with the thrusters makes you feel more like a super soldier that even old halos did well. This key change I feel is an improvement upon the original Halo:CE to Halo:Reach gameplay. Though it’s always fun to go back for nostalgic reasons.

It may work but it sounds like it would get on my nerves

While I do not honestly attribute the decline of Halo to a single ability, the solution provided seems like a good start.

I thought Halo 5 sprint is very balanced. You can’t recharge your shields when sprinting and they start over when you sprint just once.

I don’t mind the sprint, I welcome it, better then just trudging around the battlefield. And the downside to sprint such as unable to recharge your shield is a nice compromise

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> I thought Halo 5 sprint is very balanced. You can’t recharge your shields when sprinting and they start over when you sprint just once.

I agree, with the shield restriction as well as the fact that there’s a slight penalty to the time it takes to fire when sprinting, I’ve found the H5 sprint to be pretty darn well balanced.

Sprint has already been mindlessly hobbled as a nod to the tin foil hat wearers who believe that it is the singular factor accounting for the decline in the popularity of Halo. If you’re going to hobble it some more just to re-fuel the insanity then you may as well join their ranks completely and call for its removal.