Potential Pre/Post Game Lobby Changes

Hey everyone, this is just a thought that I had and was wondering if anyone felt the same that I did.

I’ve noticed very many things missing from pre and post game lobbies in Halo 5: Guardians and I’d like to address them in this post. Feel free to list any further issues if it isn’t listed here.

1.) In pregame lobbies, you can’t view your teammates/opponents Spartans, let alone their gamertag. Whats the point of showing off those legendaries if you can only view them for that split second before a match in Arena?
2.) Medals. I don’t understand why I can’t see what medals I earned during the match, sure they alert you for most of them, but its nice to see what I got all together compared to other players. As well as other players to view my medals and vice versa.
3.) The interesting statistics like tool of destruction and “killed most/killed most by”. It just made for a more personal experience, like when I had a burning hatred for that guy that kept landing headshots on me and having pity on the noob I would wreck.

This may seem minor to most, but these features added to the experience of Halo. Seeing everyone’s unique armor config was always really cool to me, and the fact that all these things are missing is rather disappointing. Now, if I missed a 343 vlog explaining why these features excluded I would really like to see it.

Thanks guys and gals!