POTENTIAL oddball spotted in trailer?

Prays this hasnt been discovered already

I noticed that at around 3:35 in the Making halo 4 trailerthere is a spartan to the far right of the screen running a little funny compared to the rest. What do you think that is? It looks similar to the sword movement animation, or potentially, hes holding an ODDBALL what do you guys think?

nah i think it just teh sprint

I don’t see it. I see the guy you’re talking about but I don’t think he’s holding an oddball.

Nice find it definitely looks like he is carrying an oddball from behind. It’s not sprinting because he is walking at the same pace as the spartan directly behind him who is most definitely not sprinting in this clip.

Unless that is a Spartan amputee, he is holding something in his right hand. More than likely an oddball. But, who really thought for even a second that there wouldn’t be oddball in Halo 4? Really?

Do you think they would do this on purpose? Just to see if someone could spot it and point it out?

To me it actually looked like he was holding an assault bomb the first time watching it. He may be holding an oddball as well.

Im sure now its an oddball. hes moving the same speed as everyone else.
Also, im not saying that there isnt an oddball in halo 4, neither did i think there wouldnt be. I just thought id point this out.

Its either a pistol or the oddball…nice find

Nice find, it has to be either an oddball or a bomb. The guy is running at a slower speed and seems to be in a postion as if he were carrying an object.