Potential new vehicle

It’s a ghost… with needles!

We have 3 different warthogs… So why in the forerunners name not an extra ghost variant?

What do you think my fellow members?

EDIT: Okay i see i need to explain what i meant :slight_smile:

Say the ghost would have the ability to only fire Anti-vehicle needles and with enough of them the vehicle could either dissable or get seriously damaged.

Also to balance the ghost you’d have to fire 2-3 shots only before its accuracy gets a turn for the worse. Limit the needle turrets so they overheat if used too much.
And they should NOT follow infantry around like little flies.

Your opinions are respected :slight_smile: I’d just like to see what the community thought of this idea.

the ghost is a favorite vehicle, but needles would defeat the whole purpose of it.in my opinion, needles are for noobs.

> the ghost is a favorite vehicle, but needles would defeat the whole purpose of it.in my opinion, needles are for noobs.

Your opinion is respected, but it’d be nice with a new toy anyways :slight_smile: Well halo 4 will obviously have a ton of new stuff but still.

OR you know you could look at every vehicle they used in Wars and picture it in halo 4

Sorry brah, but not only do I not like the model, but dual needlers would be so overpowered. It’s an infantry only weapon.

That’s not to say the covenant shouldn’t have their own varied vehicles. I cna’t think of many, but maybe a plasma launcher ghost or a 4 PRepeater revenant or something.

The supercomine ability would be a pain.

I’d rather have brand new vehicles than all these variants to be honest. The only Warthog that should be in the game is the normal Warthog (Minigun). Instead of having 3 different Warthogs why not have 3 different vehicles?

I’m sure needles would be overpowered in their current state. But I have seen in CE a brute plasma rifle version of the ghost, as well as a ghost with a single fuel rod cannon. These didn’t seem terribly overpowered, so long as the fuel rod still had a large arching effect.

I was thinking, instead of a ghost with needles, they could make a covenant warthog style vehicle that has a needle turret, for example it could be the spectre from Halo 2 but instead of a plasma turret, it could have a needle turret, of course I don’t think it should fire needles that track targets, I was thinking more along the lines of a turret that fires high velocity needles similar to the needle rifle at a high rate of fire, it would kill about as fast as the warthog chaingun but it would have the pink explosion of a needler.

Haha. I’m not into that idea so much. There definitely needs to be more anti air vehicles though…