Potential Memory Leak causing crash

After the day one update I have noticed significant improvements in the memory RAM usage that the game is using on the main menu it now sits happily at around 2 GB of RAM where it should be. However, the options menus are still causing a lot of issue in game while monitoring on task manager there is a noticeable spike in RAM usage to around 5/6 GB which is usually followed by a Game crash. The actions taken to cause this are: Open Options and extra’s which causes a rise, opening the video options settings then causes a further rise and after around 30 seconds the game will crash by first stuttering then freezing then going to black screen then closing to desktop.

System Specs
Windows 10
16GB corsair vengence pro DDR3 RAM
2TB Seagate SSHD
Intel i7 6700K

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Update: Same issue with RAM usage occurs when joining an online game

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Same here memmory spikes then crashes