Potential Custom Game Browser change?

After you play a full match launched through the CGB system everyone gets sent to the post game summary page, the person who created the server doesn’t get an option to start a new round and instead has to restart the server and wait for people to join again.

This system is problematic as it confuses people who expect to just join a server like you could in Halo Custom Edition that keeps running and changing maps until the host shuts it down.

The custom games browser in MCC should act like a publicly accessible party system, that way anyone who joins can hang around and chat while the next map gets picked, it would also give the host a chance to ask everyone what they would like to play next.

It will be a great change that will promote community engagement and create friendships etc. The system as it stands currently just creates confusion and lack of interest in its use due to having to wait for players to join a new server after every match ends.


The custom game browser in MCC DOES continue rotation, however it has a toggle to stop after 1 game, some people choose to end it after 1 game.

Ah yes… I just found the “repeat game” toggle, I assumed that would mean that it would repeat the same map over and over instead of going through the map rotation, my mistake.

It would still be good to have a post game lobby to make changes or continue rotation however.