Potential Credits from Capstone Challenges

To break from the norm, I do not have much issue with the progression system or monetization (given the expectation that mode specific playlists will be added sooner rather than later and some more difficult challenges involving other players’ actions, such as guardian angel and ending killstreaks, are weeded out) but what I hope to see is some manner of earning credits in game, no matter how small an amount.

My thought earlier today was to add 75-100 credits for completing the capstone challenge at the end of the weekly set. This would reward dedicated players and add the possibility to save up for that one armor set or bundle that really catches a casual player’s eye, or allow them to get a battle pass they’ve put the work towards but can’t readily afford.

In similar game economies I’ve interacted with (Such as Magic: Arena and gaining gems from almost weekly draft events) this modest allowance at a reasonable pace given diligence and commitment has prompted me to keep at the game for almost two years now and kept me engaged as it adds a longer term goal than simply gaining experience points. Part of this is the psychology behind being able to directly apply the resources you have earned however you want (Saving for the battle pass or buying a specific item from the store) rather than passively waiting for one piece of armor to become available at the very end of a battle pass.

While I personally have no issue spending money on Halo Infinite (As I have already purchased the current season), I feel like having this outlet available would engage far more players and increase positivity towards the overall storefront if gameplay is not completely divorced from the market.

Addition: It may also add more incentive to complete weekly challenges at all even if the rewarded item is not to the player’s liking, while making those items they did want feel even more special if earning them also helped them afford even more gear.


This is a really good option for 343i to take.
And perhaps an additional challenge for the week that offers 50 credits as the weekly ultimate challenge (With the ultimate challenge awarding 100 credits) cannot be accessed until all other challenges are completed; for the casual player that might not be compassionate for them.

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This could only work if the challenges can be completed in any mode including bot slayer. Otherwise, it will just exacerbate the issue of players feeling like they have to go out of their way to complete gun chores instead of playing whatever playlist they want, however they want.

I’m not against the idea of a weekly capstone challenge being tough to complete, but if it is tough, then I don’t think it should be the only way to earn shop credits, since those are so valuable that everyone will feel immense pressure to do the challenge. A neat armor coating like Willow Tea is fine because I can live without getting it if I don’t feel like doing challenges, but shop credits would be too much.

Maybe something like four monthly challenges for 50 credits each? (While still having the 100 credit capstones)

I do like this though. Offer a smaller reward for a more available goal while having a bigger reward for a stricter objective.