Potential Castle Map Pack fix for LE owners.

Simply choose the Castle DLC playlist and it will offer to take you to the marketplace where you can download it for free. Worked for me.

Will give it a shot.

Tried this this morning, it didn’t work, maybe you actually bought the maps? lol

Tried this like 5 times.

didn’t work.

If you are receiving the ‘pending’ error, dashboard

> Tried this like 5 times.
> didn’t work.

No, I still have all my Microsoft Points. Someone else said it worked for them too.

My mistake, my last post was directed at Duke3008.

It worked for me, this is ridiculous though man.

> It worked for me, this is ridiculous though man.

Glad it worked for someone else.

I haven’t played this game in like a month so when I go onto Halo 4 to download the maps I already paid for and they aren’t available?

It’s like i’m beyond caring that 343 can’t launch anything right. Most of the people I know are thinking Destiny and a PS4 is the way to go. I’m becoming more and more included to agree.

EDIT: Well it’s worked after my 6th try. Man this is waaaaaay to much hassle.

EDIT 2: And can anyone explain why my avatar isn’t appearing correctly? Last time I checked I was blue and silver with Deadeye and FOTUS…

NOW it works. Just keep trying and eventually it’ll break through…

This is utterly ridiculous, though. I know not to purchase another LE under 343 again.

i agree. may pre-order, but only the basic game. too many bugs with the downloads.

Finally it works in California

‘There are no items available at this time’

I’m thinking it’s to do with people’s x-box regions/time zones. I downloaded it here in the UK 16:45pm GMT no problems at all. I have the LE Map Pass by the way.

Thanx for the info, i shall try it out strait away :smiley: x