Postpone 360 server sunsetting

Yeah let me get a refund for a game I bought in the fall of 2007 because I thought it would be playable for the rest of time and that the servers would never get shut down. :roll_eyes:


Due to the server problems that have plagued the servers for the original 360 releases essentially all year, Halo 3 playlist populations have bottomed out. With the debatable exception of Social Slayer, Halo 3 playlists are all dead without coordinating a lobby, and that’s on a day when the servers are online. Thus, even though original Halo 3 is still technically online, it hasn’t been properly playable for a significant portion of the time since the announcement of the intent to sunset. In particular, the broken EXP/game tracking and random disconnection issues have essentially made ranked playlists mostly pointless because the ranks and actual game performance have little connection now. Players who came back to these games for multiplayer achievements have found them all but impossible to do without getting help. Also, anyone who came back looking to get one last ranked 50 would have had an almost-impossible task due to the random lag-outs and most matches not counting, regardless of player skill level.

To be clear, Halo 3 multiplayer is not a free service. Players must have XBL Gold to even be allowed to play multiplayer at all. Thus, people are paying for access to a service that is severely derelict at best, and completely, utterly unusable at worst.

At the time of this posting, the Halo 3 servers have been offline for the entire weekend due to the problem that playlist information cannot be retrieved from Xbox Live. This problem has been a recurring problem all YEAR now. Saying that the servers are online doesn’t mean anything if those servers are not actually functional at even a minimal level. In addition to ruining the ability to play Halo 3 online at all this weekend, this problem has prevented people from taking advantage of one of the few last days to do the “7 on the 7th” achievement.

At this point, 343i should not only fix the server problems up to the state they were in after Bungie’s departure, but also delay sunset by at least a few months to compensate for the unacceptable condition of the servers for the original games for months now. I am calling on 343i to

  1. Restore the servers to the functional condition they were in after Bungie’s departure.
    (To be clear, I am not requesting that 343i develop a replacement for at this point.)
  2. Delay the sunset of the original 360 servers until the 8th of July, 2022. This date should give fans enough time to finish playing and getting achievements, as well as to finish any last ranked 50 attempts before the servers shut down.

I thought your “final thing” was this morning.


Oh sorry my bad, didn’t realize I wasn’t allowed back in the echo chamber for people who think for some reason Halo 3 on Xbox 360 should be on the top of priorities for XboxLIVE Support and 343i Develop teams 8 weeks before there due to be shutdown. My bad.


I’ve said plenty of meaningful things here, just seems a small group of you all think that we are all owed some sort of compensation or extension to Halo 3s online service when these outages haven’t just been this year, its been last half decade. That’s why they are shutting them down, they don’t work consistently and there is not financial gain to maintaining something this old. Hell the player base 5 years ago would have been enough for most companies to shut them down then. Be glad we got 14 years. Seems like this group just wants the servers to work as if its that easy(hint hint. its not). How many people that built the online infrastructure are still either at 343i or XboxLIVE, AND still remember everything for how they are designed set up and maintained. The code is 14 years old running on a continuously evolving network. I have stated multiple times that I understand the frustration everyone here is experiencing, hell me and my friends are doing a LAN the week end before servers go offline so that we can play on Xbox 360 Halo 3 one last time. But to believe that this set of servers and systems should be on the top of XboxLIVE and 343is work load is insane, especially when you think that there is maybe only a handful of people whos job it is to look at issues like this. I would love nothing more than 343i to fix this issue and have bit of extra time to go back and enjoy Halo 3 Multiplayer one last time, and while fixing the servers before the shutdown isn’t too much to ask, extending the shutdown is absolutely out of the picture. And for the people saying they are owed this or that they pay an XboxLIVE subscription and this is BS, like come on, the game is 14 years old there are around 3000-4000 XboxLIVE compatible games that’s .02-.015 cents for every game. Its not like you directly pay 343i to access Halo 3, if that were the case I’d agree 10000% with OP about an extension and that this should hold priority. However that is not the case, we pay an XboxLIVE subscription fee to access all XboxLIVE enabled systems. Don’t think I’m some angry guy who thinks you’re all wrong, you guys in this thread just come off as entitled.


I’m just wanting to keep a company accountable to things they say, lol. It’s a game. I feel like you’re the one getting worked up here.

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Even without looking at all the technical issues that go into it, I really do not think 343 is going to leave the servers up just because a few people want to unlock a bunch of achievements. Just saying.

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Believe me, I get that feeling. lol

Thank you for the compliment about my post!

Plus 1 to this post. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hahaha - man if I could get a refund on all the times I bought Halo 3… countless discs … I’d be rich. Although the last time I bought H3 was around 2014/15… (digitally)
MS gave me a refund on MCC when that multiplayer was unplayable. I’m not saying they will, but no harm in asking.

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The Halo 3 matchmaking servers are back online! This is wonderful news. Finally, it’s back up. Thank you, 343i and Xbox LIVE maintenance engineers! Thank you so much!!

However, the problem that matches that last longer than ~5 minutes do not count persists. This problem makes it extremely rare to get ranked matches or objective matches to count. It also makes getting EXP-related achievements VERY frustrating.

Please, 343i, please fix the match counting problem. Having EXP working properly will give players a fair shake at EXP achievements before sunset, as well as making the ranked playlists function properly again.

no offense. but i dont have to appreciate spartan charge nor groundpound to appreciate them.

halo 3 doesn’t need its day. they can celebrate it better in MCC

what you NEED

is an XBOX 360 Controller that can be connected to a XBOX ONE


AN ADAPTOR, which should cost $5.

its the controller which makes it better. ONE controllers are substantial garbage.
who would use a horn for a hand grip. INSANITY. u cant use ur leftstick,
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its like its designed for a COD player:
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“no offense. but i dont have to appreciate spartan charge nor groundpound to appreciate them.”
it was like Armor LOCK. LOL XD kill themselves snapping their arm on ur shield and cracking themselves in a warp-dimension-repel-Punch-Deflect in the face.

My understanding is that there is no ETA on a resolution for the problem that games lasting over 5 minutes do not count. This problem completely cripples ranked playlists, and makes EXP achievements extremely difficult to do legitimately.

Please, 343i, fix this problem, and consider postponing the sunset of the legacy servers until a few months after the problem has been fixed.

Agreed… mcc is nothing like the actual games in online…. Please just leave them be, let us host our own servers or something… it’s really isn’t that much of a price to pay for a multi billion dollar company.

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Thank you for the recommendation, BTW; this information actually works. :slight_smile:


Myself along with at least 10 others who play Halo 3 regularly and exclusively are paying for XBL for this one purpose, it is a bit disheartening to see the game neglected to such an extent despite the small player population and minimal server costs to keep matchmaking functional. I would really appreciate a few months of actual working matchmaking, players constantly get lagged out these days and servers have been down for a week at a time more than once these past couple of months…

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The server issues are, I fear, precisely the reason that the shutdown needs to happen as planned.

Working with similar technology… the components to replace failures just won’t be there anymore. DDN or similar component failures will just be crippling them now


i honestly don’t want the 360 halos shutting down :frowning:


100% agree; we as a community really need some time with the servers in a reasonable state at least for a little while before the game is shutdown.

This exactly.

Also, I’m hearing that these issues are also affecting Reach. Can anyone confirm here?