Postpone 360 server sunsetting

Due to the server problems that have plagued the servers for the original 360 releases essentially all year, Halo 3 playlist populations have bottomed out. With the debatable exception of Social Slayer, Halo 3 playlists are all dead without coordinating a lobby, and that’s on a day when the servers are online. Thus, even though original Halo 3 is still technically online, it hasn’t been properly playable for a significant portion of the time since the announcement of the intent to sunset. In particular, the broken EXP/game tracking and random disconnection issues have essentially made ranked playlists mostly pointless because the ranks and actual game performance have little connection now. Players who came back to these games for multiplayer achievements have found them all but impossible to do without getting help. Also, anyone who came back looking to get one last ranked 50 would have had an almost-impossible task due to the random lag-outs and most matches not counting, regardless of player skill level.

To be clear, Halo 3 multiplayer is not a free service. Players must have XBL Gold to even be allowed to play multiplayer at all. Thus, people are paying for access to a service that is severely derelict at best, and completely, utterly unusable at worst.

At the time of this posting, the Halo 3 servers have been offline for the entire weekend due to the problem that playlist information cannot be retrieved from Xbox Live. This problem has been a recurring problem all YEAR now. Saying that the servers are online doesn’t mean anything if those servers are not actually functional at even a minimal level. In addition to ruining the ability to play Halo 3 online at all this weekend, this problem has prevented people from taking advantage of one of the few last days to do the “7 on the 7th” achievement.

At this point, 343i should not only fix the server problems up to the state they were in after Bungie’s departure, but also delay sunset by at least a few months to compensate for the unacceptable condition of the servers for the original games for months now. I am calling on 343i to

  1. Restore the servers to the functional condition they were in after Bungie’s departure.
    (To be clear, I am not requesting that 343i develop a replacement for at this point.)
  2. Delay the sunset of the original 360 servers until the 8th of July, 2022. This date should give fans enough time to finish playing and getting achievements, as well as to finish any last ranked 50 attempts before the servers shut down.

At this point though, it may be seen as unessacry, why fix servers that are going to be shut down anyways?

plus 343 want to put more focus on the multiplayer for Infinite, so taking manpower away from that also makes no sense agian.


I got nothing to add… ONE BIG AGREE. Fix servers because we can’t gain achievements and enjoy last days of the game!

Other than that you should turn on 7 on 7 achievement in one of the month days because we lost our opportunity and we shouldn’t wait whole next month to realize it can be glitched during that time too.


I do agree with OP that the sunset could use a slight delay for the people that would like to finish their achievement hunting. However the game has been out for over 14 years, the time to accomplish these goals have long since passed, and the date will most likely not be pushed backed again. If services stop working, it is unlikely 343i will dedicate to much time to resolve server issues on the legacy titles.
And As mentioned in the welcome to Waypoint, Support issues should be documented on the HaloWaypoint Support site, not in the forums, as the Forums no longer host Support Documentation or send data to the appropriate team members. If you are experiencing issues I would strongly recommend generating a ticket on the Support Site.

@GallopingElk1 Oh, really? Then why is there no section for Halo 3 or legacy Halo game support in the “Support” section on Waypoint?


So if you go to file a Support Ticket, you’ll want to make it like this.
Click Any Support Article, Go to the Bottom of the page and under the Was this Article Helpful button, there will be a Blue Hyperlink that says Submit a Ticket. You will want to click that and follow the steps below. The support page isn’t very detailed, and reminder No Legacy games have Support Tabs, they are all Other Titles. Including Halo Wars Definitive Edition. I hope this helps you file Support Tickets regarding Legacy Halo Titles.

  • Please choose your issue below - Other Titles

  • Which game is affected by this issue? - Other Title

  • Which platform did this issue occur on? - Xbox One (Since MS No Longer Supports Xbox 360)

  • What type of issue are you encountering? - Online service or server outage

  • Repro Rate - Always 100%

  • Fill out the Repro Steps, Issue Summary, and Additional Comments as you see fit.


It doesn’t change nothing. People should be able to enjoy the game till official server shutdown which has not yet taken place. Hell… they even posted that online services will be working for 2 more months so whats the point you tryin to say? In that time you should be able to complete campaign 10 times, do online achievements and play 4 fun after that. Period.


The point I was making, is that server maintenance is incredibly difficult and costs money. If the servers stopped working to the point where serious financial investment was needed, it’s not happening. It sucks that Halo 3 is shutting down, it was my entire childhood, but all good things must come to an end. Otherwise they aren’t special, as is life.

I wholeheartedly agree with Depluralize. Great post!

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This doesn’t work. Halo Support is redirecting folks to Xbox Support.


The page is working just fine for me. Please make sure you are using the correct website, Halo Support. Links are currently disabled for all users aside from the Monitors otherwise I would link it

He doesn’t mean that the page is redirecting. He means that the actual Halo support people say it’s not their problem, and then point along to Xbox support.


Then what that should tell you is that it’s not even a 343i issue, it’s most likely a Xbox Live Services issues. Again reminder these games have some services that were set up almost 15 years ago.

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There really is no point in keeping Xbox 360 services up, this is a multi-level challenge to going backwards and batting for these games. Starting with the very top layer to the problem. The current Xbox Live network does not support those games.

From this point counting down in the plaguing issues.

  1. Xbox Live Platform as a service
  2. Games backend legacy server technology
  3. Actual Games load on unsupported servers
  4. User account security *Xbox 360 2FA/3FA

With all this in mind I think its better to ask for user generated content to simply be migrated into MCC again, a couple of more times or just in one week. All of the content and not just the stuff in our fileshares.

Where I do agree with you/
It makes no sense for Xbox and services to advertise backwards compatibility if they intend on not supporting some basic functions to play the game at its height in playability.

I wanted to add to this with a completely different solution to everyone here in this thread.

There are other services out there that can recreate the experience of Xbox Live through System Link. Googling XLink Kai, a tunneling software that will create a 'tunnel' from your Xbox to another Xbox *needs to be same version of the Halo game.

This should resolve some of the issues you guys are experiencing if the online portion of these titles are really something to die for. The only cons is the latency, but the old games having bad netcode already outdated in industry standards might not be too bad. It is P2P connection, with no real way of hosting servers and higher broadband connections until the tunneling technologies improve.

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No point of keeping 360 services up? Gimme a break… then what’s the point of adding games to Backwards Compatibility if you can’t experience some portions of the game?

And this:

The current Xbox Live network does not support those games.

It’s still supports and it’s gonna be until they kill Xbox 360 as a whole. People still playing GTA 4 for example.

Just stop making excuses. It’s been said that game gonna work for 2 months yet then why they deceive people ?


So Halo 3 has been sunset a total of 68 days early then? And we as Gold subscribers are to just be okay with that? I think not. If anything they should extend the Jan 13th date by the amount of days this outage lasts for. That could be the least amount of effort acceptable, seeing as this is not the first, or possibly not even be the last, server outage for Halo 3 since the sunset was announced in December, 2020.
And to the guy who reccomended X Link Kai - it doesnt work with retail 360s, unless you live practically in the same neighborhood. So no thanks

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Not making any excuses, you might be taking this really hard but the hired talent today are not to work on legacy products of yesterday. Xbox 360 services for Halo as it would pertain to this forum is again a multi-level problem and if you do not want to understand it from a technical perspective maybe the conversation cannot be followed anymore and the thread should be locked.

We’re not talking about GTA or any other game, they have different support and levels to how/why the game can sustain itself. I mean even standing on that hill for an argument you would lose, just googling GTA 4 Online the first couple results for me is saying its going to be shut down later this year. Earlier than Halo might I add :joy:

Rockstar has announced that it will be shutting down the servers for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Grand Theft Auto Online on **December 16th, 2021**

Sorry if that was another game you enjoyed playing on Xbox 360, look into tunneling software its pretty cool technology.

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if you do not want to understand it from a technical perspective maybe the conversation cannot be followed anymore and the thread should be locked.

(I will refer to it below)

We’re not talking about GTA or any other game, they have different support and levels to how/why the game can sustain itself. I mean even standing on that hill for an argument you would lose, just googling GTA 4 Online the first couple results for me is saying its going to be shut down later this year. Earlier than Halo might I add :joy:

Yes we talking about GTA especially 4 because that game use same Microsoft TrueSkill server. And this just destroyed me(not literally so don’t be happy yet):

I mean even standing on that hill for an argument you would lose

Well no, becasue you brought GTA ONLINE argument which is a part of GTA 5 game not 4 so you just made a fool of yourself talking about technical things if you actually don’t know what you talking about. GTA 4 uses peer to peer connection based on TrueSkill just like Halo 3 and THAT’S WHY I brought this game as argument.

I don’t want use any tunneling stuff. I want to gain and complete achievements list for Halo 3 what was said, I have 2 months for it.

End of story.


As a reminder, this isnt some Xbox 360 XboxLIVE shutdown, its the servers for Halo 3, and those servers are the ones having issues. Xbox 360 XboxLIVE most likely wont ever shut down entirely until all of modern XboxLIVE does since a lot of their systems are shared. This isn’t like XboxLIVE 1.0 to XboxLIVE 2.0 in 2005 when the Xbox 360 Launched. There was enough usable infrastructure in XboxLIVE 2.0 to be carried on into the modern XboxLIVE. Microsoft will probably never shut down all functionality for remainder of XboxLIVE 2.0 until the Xbox Series X’s life span is up. These Halo 3 issues are so technical that if you want it in black and white you’re not going to be happy or satisfied. Getting Services Running that were set up 15 years ago is not some easy task. And just because 343i told us January, that is when they planned to stop supporting the services and shut them down. There is only so much that can be done to keep outdated and obsolete services up and running. These services have been having issues on and off for the past 4-5 years, its not something new, and unfortunately probably was a big factor in the decision to sunset them all together. We love what Bungie made, but lord knows their games were held together by strings and duct tape.