Post your random bursts of awesome

We all have those times where we aren’t exactly going into a game to just wreck shop. sometimes we just wanna get in a quick game before work, or you want to blow some steam. But in the end, something overtakes you mid game and you cant really explain it, but when it happens you’re a god and can’t be stoped…

Mine-Video:“Devil mode”

That’s one of mine, popped in halo after having a crap day and just needed to calm my nerves(bad idea, I know) Wasn’t really shooting for a win and I had a pretty slow start, but when you’ve been overtaken there is no such thing as defeat.

P.S. Please keep it friendly guys, the update drops next Monday :smiley:

The other day I was playing BTIS on Complex(why that map for BTIS idk) and got an overkill with two bullets. <— vid here

was a total of 4 shots

1 - shot miss
2 - kill invis guy
3 - triple kill
4 - didnt realize everyone was dead lol

All my random bursts of awesome have been in vehicles mainly. They are in my file share. Can’t seem to get lucky with hand held weapons yet but I did get a funny triple kill with the incineration cannon last night. They weren’t in a warthog either.

Started a JIP game on Settler (it was 10-10 when I got in). Somehow went 19-4, 12 headshots, a Killing Frenzy and a Spree thrown in for good measure.

Here it is…

I saved the whole damn thing in my fileshare, as I doubt I will ever repeat that performance again. Pretty sure I wasn’t the host either. For one game it just all clicked.

My usual score is 12-10, 14-12, 9-7, that sort of thing (I go charging after people too much…).

Not sure about awesome, but yesterday on Settler I got 3 Hail Mary’s 1 after another all with frags & got a vehicle destroyed in the process alongside my triple kill & an assist!

Oh man, I had some good ones in H3 including a CQC perfection on Standoff…but as for H4.

Rumble Pit on Abandon. Was skimming across one side of the map near the center when 2 contacts appeared on the radar, 1 in the center where I was headed and 1 coming up from the cliff edge. I already had my Boltshot out and knew the guy from the center had the advantage on me as he was dropping down. I turned and started running to the back. As I turn I chuck and frag against a pillar to bounce it back at the enemy, just as I do I see a 3rd contact appear on my radar in the direction I’m running. By now the 1st guy has gotten 2 DMR shots on me. I continue to sprint to the back and charge the boltshot releasing just as the 3rd guy rounds the corner. The enemy from the center is just behind me now as I turn to see nothing but some smoke from the frag as his frag explodes taking out my remaining shields, I realized he jumped up so I sprinted forward, saw him drop down from behind an arch and melee’d him on his decent. Now the last guy is nearly on me, I bounce my last frag off the wall around a pillar dropping his shields and I sprint around and melee’d for a triple kill.

Some call it situational awareness, I call it Beast Mode.

KotH earlier today. I ended up trading Mantises at the start. Respawn, and the Hill is still top mid. I sprint up, and pop off a few rounds, and “OHO! there’s a rocket launcher laying here.” Pick it up, “Two shots left - reload” and hop backwards as one of the dirty Blues comes over the top and drop him.

By this time the Hill has moved back by Blue Base, over behind Taco. I pop up, fire the remaining round, and then drop back to switch weapons and start to circle around when my screen lights up with like eight medals. A teammate sings out - “Nice shot! I just got four assists!”

Smooth sailing from there on out.

Here is a bunch of different people having burst of awesomeness.

So I’ve got a few decent clips.

The top 3 I would recommend watching are:

  1. 42 Kill Game - SWAT

This was a Multi-Team game of SWAT on Abandon. I went 42-24 in the best game of SWAT I’ve ever played.

  1. Target Practice

This is a clip from a game of Team Regicide I played on Complex a while back. In this clip I’m showing off my UNSC sniper skills. I got a few long range kills and a snapshot triple kill.

  1. Death From Above (3rd Person)

This one is quite the opposite of an amazing play, and it belongs in the ‘Fails of the Weak.’ If you’re looking for a good laugh you’ll want to check out this clip.

This is one of my favorite bursts of awesomeness (but no my best one)

Sorry, i dont have rendering capabilities, but here is my burst of awesome:

From the start of the match I got a 3 second extermination on the other team. The match starts, 3 second into, and everyone is dead!

3 seconds

Here’s mine! It’s me going on what I’d like to call a “freakin sniper rampage”. This because I kill a whole bunch of people running all around the map on team snipers!


Would be this.

I love using the thruster in fast paced action and this game was just full of crazy