Post Your Most Requested Warzone Improvements!

Wanted to start a topic about the most needed changes/improvements to Warzone. Wanted to share what I think needs changing and see what everyone else has to say as well.

The biggest issue with Warzone in my opinion is the legendary bosses. Whoever gets the literal final round into a boss scores 100% of the points. I think that when big 125 or 150 VP bosses enter the battlefield, they should grant victory points based on the percentage of damage you do to that boss. For example, if a ultra banshee is worth 100 VP, if a player or players do 10% of the damage to him they are instantly awarded 10 VP to their team. So instead of getting the VP all at once they are earned thoughout the battle. There is nothing more frustrating in Warzone as having your team pump damage into a legendary boss and get him to a sliver of health for the enemy team to nab him with a few BR shots from a mile away.

I also feel that the 3 Warzone maps would be a hell of a lot less repetitive if legendary bosses were randomized instead of the exact same boss at the exact same time spawning in the exact same location. How cool would it be on Stormbreak to have a banshee or taskmaster instead of the same old knight guarding the fortress.

Lastly, I would also like to see more AI enemies in general, I wouldn’t mind a few more marines in bases and more random patrols of covanent or Prometheans roaming around, even if they only grant 5 or 10 VP.

Thanks for reading and posting, I’m loving Warzone, Arena, and Halo 5 in general and just wanted to share my opinion of how to make Warzone more fun and balanced.

+1 on the boss thing, really annoying. I’d like to see more vehicles, and more open maps, I’ve had the most fun when it gets crazy and almost everyone’s in some kind of vehicle

I love Warzone the way it is as far as gameplay

Maps and possibly more Warzone modes are all that id like added…Please let Invasion return as a Warzone mode…

more game types or variations

maybe have no more than 3 playlists available for population reasons but randomize them every day

Change up the AI for sure or make them more difficult.

Also a 6v6 mode with a more focused map and a more gradual escalating track to the PvP would be fun for a lot of people. I would like to see something that balances the PvE and PvP better. I would prefer this over Warzone Assault which I only use to Farm.

Need more maps for sure

Definitely agree with the boss steals.
Warzone is suppose to have a PvE element but it doesn’t. Besides the first time you take the center base and the final boss (the boss itself not the fight), there are no AI battles. It needs more AI that continuously spawn throughout the whole match, boss spawns can remain the same.