Post Your Halo Collection. ( Small or Big )

Hey, do you have a Halo collection? Then post a picture so waypoint can see…

I have just started really collecting Halo stuff, so i don’t have much :slight_smile:

My Collection.

My Halo 4 Poster.

What About you o.O???

I will Also have the

Halo 4 Limited Edition Xbox360 console and Halo 4 LE Soon :smiley:

Nice little collection you have started there.

I haven’t been able to get my collection all displayed at once. (It’s that big-TWSS) Anyway, to catch a glimps of what I have you could check my blog as I review toys and other Halo merch there.

I will at least state what I collect:
Halo Mega Bloks sets (similar to LEGO) a few hundred minifigs (I’m what you call an “Army Builder”)
Halo McFarlane Action Figures (couple hundred of these) and vehicles (and soon to be collecting the Micro Ops line)
Electronic Weapon toys (Plasma Rifle/Pistol)
Replica Weapons
Store Displays (this can be a little tough to come by though)
Official Art (other than posters)

oh, pretty much anything Halo related…

I’ve got somewhere around 6 55-gallon tubs full of stuff, most of which is out of the package, but packed up nicely in the tubs.

I proudly have displayed a high resolution print of one of my screenshots taken some time ago in Reach. It’s above my TV where I play Halo on so I see it everyday.

One of these days, I’ll get around to taking pics of it all.

I’m not called HaloFanForLife for nothing…LOL.

I have multiple Halo Mega blocks figures(both common and rare)
I have the reach special edition
I have Halo 4 special edition(soon)
I have ODST special edition
I have Halo Wars special edition
I have CEA, Halo 3, Halo 2, Halo 2 Map pack disc Halo CE
I have Halo Contact Harvest
I have An undying love for halo

Mine is isn’t that big I got…
Halo reach special edition
Halo 3 legendary edition
Halo 4 special (soon)
Halo ce,2 Odst and wars standard editions.
Probably around 10 action figures
Many mega blocks sets my favorites that I have are the pelican and long sword
Halo fall of reach
Halo contact harvest
Halo cole protocol
Halo 3 poster