Post YOUR Forge Map (no remakes)

Please post your Map Name and a brief description of it, what Gametypes it offers.
(As long as we can search the name under the custom game map keyword search, then there’s no need for the actual link. But if you would like, also post the content browser link to your map.)

I don’t think there is a specific post for this.

This thread will give authors of their forge maps opportunity for anyone in the community to showcase their forge maps. To popularize these maps. And I hope the community uses the feedback on this post to their advantage. Plain and simple the good maps need to get noticed and mentioned in order to make it into matchmaking some day… If that’s possible.

No remakes in this thread, there is already a post for remakes and old maps.

Hope to check out some intense new maps. Happy Forgings!

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Check out my map Clandestine. Works with 2v2, 4v4, 6v6, CTF, Attrition, Team Slayer, KoTH, Neutral Flag, and Oddball. Materials and colors have been glitching, so bear with me. Leave FEEDBACK

Map takes place in a Underground Cave Night Club Style Training Facility for Spartans. With 4 bases, Red, Yellow, Purple, and Blue, each base is equally balanced with layout and weapons. Best be careful because Yellow and Purple base will get you dead if you don’t take caution. Each base has a positive and negative for defenders or aggressors.

8 players preferred 4v4, and I have not set up FFA yet. I made it for a 4 team multi-team game mode, but we can’t choose other teams besides Eagle or Cobra for the time being.

This was my first map made in the dark with nothing but the ambiance of light to show the way. It creates a interesting feel and halo hasn’t had a night (dark) map in a while since that sniper mission in Halo CE. So here’s for hunting in the dark.

Bots work, but they get stuck in some spawns; guess the layout is too advanced for them haha.

I’ve noticed Hill and Oddball work the best for defending bases

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4v4 / 6v6 -ish size Symmetrical Arena perched above a deadly Lava Pit.
Forerunner “Desert at dusk” Aesthetic.

Supports Slayer, CTF, Oddball, Strongholds, KOTH
Fully Bot-Supported.


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4v4 Asymmetrical Arena based in a botanical R & D facility.
UNSC indoor setting.

Supports Slayer. CTF, Oddball, KOTH, Strongholds.
Bots supported.
Currently no FFA mode supported.


Map is called Palm City. Originally it was an empty field with Wasps and Banshees, once I had my fill of air combat I continued to work on the map, adding things and changing it until it became what it is today. There was no plan, no blockout, pure improvisation and hours of refinement and balancing. In the end I think it turned out quite nice and interesting, each part of the map has an interesting space or point of interest for the players. It was planned as a BTB map but it’s hard to gather 24 players at once in custom games, but it plays well with FFA Slayer as well. You may have seen me hosting games on it in CGB recently. I think the best way to promote and get your map seen by people is hosting games on it every day.

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“Sunken Bay”

2v2 or 4v4 asymmetric map that supports all core game modes. Bots included.

Description reads: “This abandoned insurrectionist platform is a stark reminder of the harsh conditions those who were in defiance of the UNSC endured.”

Work in progress.

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try my maps

castle anthrax

all of these maps are set up with all of the gametype objects for all of the gametypes 343 included. i didn’t delete anything when you spawn in a blank forge map and all the gametype objectives are on the starting floor. i just made my maps and then moved all of the unmodified gametype objectives to different rooms in each of my maps.

castle anthrax is my favorite. bots play well in it and is good for strongholds.
corkscrew is really fun too. it is a very simple map layout but it turns out to be actually really fun because of all the verticality and unique angles during gameplay
hydrothermal is very cool and is a larger map. good for ctf. set up for all game modes though.
goldeneye is one of the first maps i made when infinite forge was first released. its just a unique set of floors and walls and rooms. i just wanted to make something new and it certainly is new and interesting. i like strongholds and king of the hill in ffa for goldeneye. the chopper is a neat addition too; bull around the map and watch out for the gravity hammer and grappleshot.

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4v4 Asymmetrical Arena in a crumbling gothic cathedral.

Supports Slayer, Oddball, KOTH, Strongholds.
Bots supported. It’s legit.

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Anyone know why sometimes a map does not load and shows the “can’t connect to server” error? Or Why it crashes the Game?

I would reset your game if that happens, even your Xbox. Halo has issues on every platform. And forge is far from perfect. I’d say we are lucky it works … Kinda lol

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Okay, I got another one:


Large-ish , symmetrical 4v4 Arena map focusing on objective game types, but supports all slayer game types well too.

Fully kitted out for Bots.

It is a completely original map, though I would be lying if I didn’t say that there are certain design cues inspired by Halo 2’s Narrows. But the similarities are …vague at best.

Yes, it’s a large arching bridge with a base on each end, and a lower “catwalk bridge” below running parallel with the top bridge…But this map has so much more going on… tanks…wasps…ghosts…
It truly plays like the BTB Social playlist, but in 4v4 form!

Please bookmark it and give it a go!

PS I am still tinkering and tweaking the tiny details, so expect to see minor changes here and there, as I am obsessive “never finished” type. :wink:

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Update, Bots work, but they get stuck in team games, work better in FFA

Search map name Restricted. Works well with CTF, Hill, FFA, Attrition, SWAT, & LSS. Budgets are maxed, so bear with a few glitches, I had to delete many things to get this map to work.

This map is pretty big, it’s made for big team, and different battlefields all around the map for a different experience all the time. Not just one style. Many styles. Symmetrical yet opposite. This map could get you killed or assist you in victory.

You all have to check it out. This map reminds me of Jurassic Park

Try this for your Nav Mesh issues:

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Still having issues, I heard there are difficulties with the canvas floor on Mires canvas. And I tried to nav cut it out, even the boundaries. I could update it and maybe cover the map higher with bigger rockwork. Idk what’s the cause of the problem. Many people have this problem and my last map wasn’t like that, but it was the canvas in space. And I heard that canvas has the least problems with nav generation

Map: Demcity

Status: blocked out. Focusing on gameplay. Working in basic textures etc. Will detail and will continue to add detail etc.


Modes: All base arena and slayer modes - FFA, CTF, strongholds etc. BTB modes Stockpile and Last spartan standing.

Player support: 8v8 - 10v10 recommended - will have to validate max player count (is this 28?) initial / respawns.

What is required to block out the map? I’m having spawn issues outside the map, is it because I didn’t block out properly?

I assumed you wanted this thread to be about custom maps. @mention me in another thread and I can provide more info. Check the number of initial and / or respawn points.

You need to have initial spawn points, team spawn points and respawn points on your map. You should also have kill volumes cover the areas outside your map’s playspace. Make kill volumes as big as possible at 1250 by 1250 and height 1250.

Will this help the nav mesh generate?

Maybe. Also need to place navcutters outside your play space, so that navmesh is not generated in those areas.