Post your Forge fears, expectations, or wishlist

Forge may be 6 to 9 months away, so based on the current Halo Infinite experience, let’s speculate the Forge experience based on our expectations so far.

Forge basic - Free, includes basic Forge World island, spawn points, basic weapons, objective spawn points, nothing else, you can pretty much only edit already existing maps with new spawns for mode and objective variants

Forge plus - 5000 credits, includes Forge Flatworld, comes with:

• Forest biome pack (valued at 700 credits) 4 types of trees, 3 bushes, 3 rocks, grass textures, mountain brush, lake brush
• Desert biome pack (valued at 700 credits) 4 types of desert plants, a shrub, short cactus, and a tumbleweed, 3 rocks, sand textures, dunes brush, barren wasteland brush
• Snowy biome pack (valued at 700 credits) 4 types of plants, 3 bushes, 3 rocks, snow textures, snowy mountain brush, ice brush
• UNSC pack 1 (valued at 400 credits) Warthog, Mongoose, Razorback
• UNSC pack 2 (valued at 500 credits) Rockethog, Gungoose, Scorpion, Wasp
• UNSC special pack (valued at 900 credits) Pelican, Gausshog
• Banished pack (valued at 600 credits) Ghost, Wraith, Banshee, Chopper
• Hazards pack (valued at 400 credits) Kill ball, mines, kill barrier, architects laser, turn back barrier
• Basic shapes pack (valued at 600 credits) Square, Rectangle, Pyramid, Sphere
• Basic colors shapes texture pack (valued at 500 credits) Colors of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, Brown, Black, and White
• Environment shapes texture pack (valued at 600 credits) Leaves, Grass, 3 Rock textures, Dirt, Wood
• Metal shapes texture pack (valued at 600 credits) 8 types of metal textures

So on and so forth. You get the idea. That’s honestly my true expectations of why Forge is so delayed. Microtransactions.

My hopes for Forge are for it to be better than Halo 5 and Halo Online Forge, with custom scripting for advanced custom games like modded Reach, and have NPCs spawnable in game, all at the low low price of FREE

…but you know, I can’t hold my breath for 6 to 9 months with high hopes. What are you all expecting or hoping for?

Im sure forge is going to flop anyway. They’ll probably withhold object and map assets behind paywalls like you said so honestly I could care less at this point. I just want the servers to be consistent, have a better ranking system, and have proper playlists right now.


My only genuine concern is that it won’t be as powerful as the Megalo scripting language that Reach, Halo 4, and Halo 2A have. That stuff has been awesome!

The only other thing I’m worried about is that, somehow, 343i is going to make it harder to play custom games with people. There was an update to MCC that has made playing custom games with randoms a lot harder. The host must now add them to their friends list in order for them to join the game. It makes playing with people harder. It came with the Season 6 or 7.

Honestly, I wouldn’t hold out hope for it. Why wait expectantly in the wings? We don’t know what it’s like and we don’t know how things will be when it’s out. We don’t even know when it will be out yet. I’m letting it go until the day I can literally play it. I won’t get wound up about it a day earlier.

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My biggest fear was it’d be too hard to use. I had been a PC gamer and played games with mod tools before Halo 3 came out. What set it’s map maker apart for me was ease of use. And Reach just improved upon it. With 5 they may have added more, and I’m not knocking that, but it’s sacrificed some accessibility. And I don’t personally like that. And I feel it also hinders people just messing around in forge with each other. I worry Infinite will be even less accessible.

But now I’m also worried they might monetize it like your mentioned. I wouldn’t put it past them to monetize anything. I don’t want to give them any ideas, but at this point I’m surprised they didn’t try to monetize key bindings.


I’m surprised they didn’t try to monetize play time with a stamina bar, that slowly refills overtime, or you pay to refill immediately, like many free to play games have these days

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My fears are.

  1. Monitized items in forge.

  2. Becomes too simple. I know some are worried about it being too complicated and need some accessibility but there should be more than one way to play so that the people who like numbers and data can have their forge and the others can have their simple use forge.

  3. Has less features than Halo 5s forge.

  4. Changes how moving and rotating items work. In halo 5s forge it’s perfect.

  5. Major bugs on launch. I expect a few but I hope nothing game breaking.

  6. Doesn’t come with more custom game options. What are the maps if you don’t have great options.


1 downloading the forge patch and the game not launching period
2 quitting in forge gets you a MP ban
3 loading into forge= game crash

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forge was super annoying in H5 i barely used it

I hope this is some kind of a sick joke.

If anything like this happens, my maps are sure gonna be bare :joy:

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Everyone’s reaction to Halo Infinite in a nutshell.
It’s basically a coin flip, 50/50, they will probably add Forge microtransactions out of pure malice, just because they know they can get away with it for six months, while they pretend to listen and remove them over time

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My expectations and fears are one in the same:

Forge is gonna be as botched and half-baked as the rest of Infinite, mark my words.

EDIT: Just for clarification I uninstalled Infinite weeks ago, absolutely ZERO regrets.

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I didn’t uninstall it, because event FOMO, but I don’t play it 99% of the time. I can bust out a weekly in 4 hours and not play again until the next event. If by some absurd miracle they do add cross-core customization and coatings, I’ll be pissed if I miss out on something for a year or so until it returns

Honestly, people paying actual money to colour their armour or buy armour, effects, anything for a game blows my mind.

But paying to create content is a whole different level of head-exploding-what-is-happening-to-this-world-cuckooness.

If anything they should be paying forgers considering how incapable they are at it themselves.

See it took me a while to get over that hump, but then I came to the realization that Halo Infinite isn’t a game, it’s a shop, a mall with a half-baked game attached to it. Things won’t get better, if anything 343 is gonna make things way worse.

Keep in mind the team that made MCC the great game it is today, the MCC team are NOT the same people working on Infinite. 343 has lied to us about pretty much everything regarding Infinite, I’d recommend uninstalling Infinite for a weeks time, and see if you genuinely miss playing it, or because you’re addicted to the FOMO aspect of it. If it is the later, do what you can to ensure you don’t reinstall it, as you’ll only be hurting yourself in the long run.

Unironically yes, they should. All the maps on Infinite are garbage from a gameplay perspective. They might look fine, but they were clearly not play tested during the untextured mesh stage to make sure they were fun, balanced, and supported all game modes, because these maps are none of the above, especially BTB maps are horrible for vehicles.

That’s not even an exaggeration. MCC was a dumpster fire before fan devs, modders, and ElDewrito hackers, that have been modding Halo games for decades, that actually know the games inside and out, came to fix all the problems that 343 couldn’t

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I’m talking about the team that started working on MCC in 2019, not the team that initially created it.

Well either way, MCC works because it’s an assortment of Bungie games, patched together by competent fans that obsessively worked to make them play as accurately as possible to the original Xbox versions

Infinite’s 343 team, I literally have no idea what they’re doing, and I don’t think they know what they’re doing either

I don’t feel like there’s any love in Infinite. I’m not feeling that TLC in any aspect of the game’s creation. It just feels like they made it because it’s a paycheck, not because they’re passionate about the Halo Universe

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For reference I’ll be referring to the good MCC team as the 2019 team.

The 2019 team not only fixed up MCC, they made it better than the originals, started giving us cut content, they actually gave us a flyable pelican in multiplayer for Halo 4 and Sabres and Seraphs in Reach. I hadn’t seen the Halo community so happy since the early days of Reach. The 2019 team in all honesty SHOULD be updating MCC while the Infinite team works on Infinite, that way players will have an influx of new content for MCC while waiting years for Infinite to possibly become “Good”.

The Infinite team has actually shown NEGATIVE growth since their time on Halo 5, there’s no honesty, no passion, no care for neither the game nor the community.

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I can safely say I expect none of that to come to Infinite Forge, or any cool modded custom vehicles and additions, without it being behind mods or a paywall at the very least. If when Forge comes, they put microtransactions in it, I’ll bump this topic. Modders on Twitch and YouTube have already proven they can make cool stuff we don’t have yet, so we’ll see what Forge becomes

I’ve given Infinite 2 chances, uninstalled it twice, not giving it a 3rd.