Post woes and problems here. Be constructive!

Trying to cut down on all the forum topics about game woes and problems. Please post here and a constructive sentence on how you believe the woe/problem should be addressed.

DMR fix- Needs a slower rate of fire. Another way to fix it is to make the crosshair not turn red if it’s used in medium or close range. This should cut down on magnetism and auto-aim.

Carbine- Needs to be 7 shots to kill. 6 for shields one for head.

Boltshot- Charge shot should have its range decreased to something shorter then the shotgun. Single fire needs a slight boost in power maybe, to 7/8 shots to pop shields and 3/2 shots left for the kill.

Plasma pistol- needs some damage increase on single shots. Ridiculously tedious to get kills with it. Maybe, a slightly longer overheat time for charged shots so vehicles get a chance.

Warthog- Chaingun variant needs a slight damage increase. Even with operator specialization to tune down overheat takes half a bar to kill someone.

Concussion Rifle- AOE either needs to do more damage or be larger. Direct hits possibly 2 shots instead of 3.

AR- still feels a bit disadvantaged in close quarters. Possibly make it 14 bullets to kill. 10 to pop shields and 4 to kill. Leave 4 bullets for in case of missed shots. Also maybe slow down the bloom instead of damage increase.

Storm Rifle- Possible damage buff and bloom slowed down.

Suppressor- Tad bloom fix and tad damage increase.

Option to enable or disable JIP
Option for locale search, skill, and language. Skill compensated by ranking system instead possibly?

That’s all I can think of and what I’ve seen on here. Also what I’ve heard people talk about in game.

Lag- Needs to be looked at and see why some games lag and others don’t. Most likely tied into who is the host and their region compared to yours.

Ordinance drops- Sometimes ordinance drops don’t work or tend to drop behind you instead of in front of you.

There’s probably more so feel free to add!!