Post-update UI and Campaign Save Observations

Downloaded the new update today for the Xbox One, first off, glad to see things get ironed out some. Did notice a few things with the update that I figured I’d mention, see if anyone else has noticed them:

1: Under “Phoenix Logs” when viewed on the main Campaign screen, I’m seeing a total number of Unread logs as 4,294,967,180.

2: Under the Theater screen for the Campaign, I have the ability to view all the Theater cutscenes except the last two, despite having finished the campaign on two separate occasions.

3: Related to the Campaign screen, under “Missions”, while all of the unlockable Optional and Bonus objectives are listed as having been completed, and all of the missions short The Signal and A New Enemy have been completed on Normal (the mentioned two missions being completed on Legendary), and all of the missions have listed that I have achieved a gold medal on each, none of the Skulls are shown to have been unlocked, but I can use all of them without any issues in Skirmish.

4: Also related to Campaign, no matter which mission is selected out of the complete set of twelve shown, the campaign always defaults to the Prologue and will not play any other mission.

5: Related to game saves, whenever I select the option to load a save file, the game insists no save file exists, yet I can go to the Manage Game option in the Xbox menu and see I do have a game save that the console recognizes exists.

6: When in the Campaign mission loading screens, the graphics around the faces of the leaders turns a pixelated combination of greens, pinks, purples, etc.

I am having the same issue with the skulls being shown as not unlocked. Its a bit annoying, but hopefully not difficult to fix.