Post update report

So just sat down for a short 3 hr session.

my problems were matchmaking related. Unable to play h2a and h4. Resulted in finding a game, loading map, starting playing… Then getting booted 30 seconds in.

So after the patch… Party stability has improved, it seems game stats are better (you were killed by etc)

h4 has played like a dream. I can now play 1,2,3,4!

was so chuffed… Should’ve know it wasn’t going to last.
h2a is still broken showing the same symptoms. Such an anticlimax.

and you say you’re bringing ranks in soon… Which playlists?
halo championship series? …isn’t that h2a?
team slayer?.. Doesn’t that contain h2a maps?

i truly hope that you’re implementing ranks to separate game playlists, it’s a freaking no brainer.

p.s please fix the code, it’s still not right. please take ownership of this because it’s your responsibility to fix this.

And there are still no dedicated servers in europe. 100% of my matchmade games are american hosted

and the continue after each match still not work

I’m in America and have played maybe 2 games on dedicated servers since release (I’ve won over 450 games so I’ve probably played about 1000.)