Post-Sprint Delay

Does anyone else get really frustrated with the reticle delay after sprinting. In Halo 4, you can’t shoot until your Spartan has reset the gun and the little sound effect of the weapon plays. That takes up about a full second before you’re allowed to shoot again. In Reach, once you tapped the AA button, you could shoot again. I like to use sprint to an advantage when running past a corner. But in this game, you put yourself at a disadvantage if you sprint around a corner to surprise the enemy. This is especially annoying on maps like Abandon and Adrift.

P.S. The sound effect that plays after every time you sprint is quite annoying.

No it’s a part of balance.

It adds a factor of skill and timing, so naturally, it can be frustrating. I would be more frustrated if all I see is a red dot zero in on my radar and kill me within two seconds.