Post instantly blocked by bot?

Seems to be something wrong with the bot system, or is this happening to everyone?

Made a wholesome post and it instantly got removed. This is the message I receive:


Our automated spam filter, [Akismet has temporarily hidden forums.halowaypoint/t/what-will-make-or-break-this-halo-for-you/3317/1) in What will make or break this Halo for you? for review.

A [staff member forums.halowaypoin) will review your post soon, and it should appear shortly.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

(Links have been removed to be able to post)


The bot is a little over zealous right now since every account is “new.” Your old post should be back now.


My first post was temporarily blocked but was approved within 5 mins and every one since then has gone through as normal


Yeah everything got approved now. Took a few hours though.

I’m having the same problem. My first post is listed as someone else having posted it? That’s creepy.

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I would guess that this is a consequence on how the forum is implemented and the methods used in order to avoid spam from newer account.

The older forum did instead use an alternative method of limiting the number of posts that a new user could publish during a single day to 5 in order to avoid spam. However, this limit got lifted when the user reached the forum rank of Marine (100 posts).

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Testing. Don’t mind me.