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Post on how epic halo 4 is going to be. And what you think it will be.

after 1 month of halo 4 release, I will bump this topic.

I cannot wait for halo 4, The game look’s soooooo AWESOME! I seriously can’t wait to use the Light Rifle. And play CAMPAIGN!


I’m holding my breath till Halo 4 comes out (not literally). Overall, the game looks outstanding. But there are a few things here and there that worry me.
Before Reach came out, I thought the game would be flawless 'cause it was Bungie’s last game. I was wrong, and greatly disappointed. I promised myself to be more careful next time and study the game as best I could before making a conclusion. From the information that has been given to me and the community, I believe that Halo 4 will be very successful. And it looks beautiful! Though there seems to be many unbalanced things cough Mantis cough Binary Rifle cough that worry me.
My prediction, Halo 4 will win Game of the Year award, just because of the sheer creativity that has been put into it. Spartan Ops will be the next big thing which other games will try and mimic. I’m crossing my fingers that Halo 4 will be a success in all categories!

Nonetheless, endless gratitude to the team of 343 Industries for the countless of hours they put into Halo 4, and letting the Halo legacy live on!



Gonna b awesome.

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That epic, huh?

lets do this thing

Anyway, I think the scattershot is bowwwz.


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no u


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One Word… Dangit that’s Two

Was uncle w0p seriously the only one who gave a serious reply?

> Was uncle w0p seriously the only one who gave a serious reply?


DMR, number one rifle.