Post Game Stats

At the end of every Halo match, we’ve always been greeted with the satisfaction of being able to press “Back” and view ours and every other player in the matches, stats. But let’s say we take it up a notch?

First, (assuming First Strike stays a medal) let’s stop giving First Strike a top medal every freaking time. Or perhaps make four top medals so that the actual good ones can bubble to the top?

How about we add a new page? We can scroll through each players quickly to see there kills, assists etc. But how about a page where we can see ‘top stats’ so to speak? For example this new page would look like this:

Highest kill count: Gamertag | 22
Best KD spread: Gamertag | +10
Highest spree: Gamertag | 9
Highest multikill: Gamertag | Overkill
Most assists: Gamertag | 7

…and so on. Thoughts?

I really like this idea. I support this.

Also, anyone miss the bullets shot stat we had from Halo 2? I loved seeing my accuracy in Halo 2 post game reports. Getting above 60% was my goal every game. We used to be able to see the total amount of bullets fired and bullets hit for a percentage.

Sounds good to me, first strike medal needs to either be removed or stop showing on top medals like you said.