Post Game Stats

Short and sweet, In past halo games you could view your carnage report and check your medals which you can no longer do, I would like it if you could, anyone else?

Totally agree. Its one of many little things that drive me crazy about Halo 5. Every other halo since the inclusion of medals showed you what you got post game. Why take a step back in that regard? Im not going to go onto the website and look it up after im done playing. In my opinion there should be better career stats in general that is easily accessed through the main menu in game. Last 10 games… Career medal chest… Tool of destruction post game… Killed most/ Killed most by… All these things used to be in game and for whatever reason 343 decided to take it out.

To the original poster: It’s short, but definitely not sweet.

I really dislike the way they dumbed down the post game stats. They don’t tell you anything. I want to see the medals I acquired. I want to see who I killed most and vice versa. I want to see everything they displayed in previous games. Even online, we don’t get the information that we got before. I don’t understand why they took a step back with the post game carnage report. It doesn’t make sense.

Eventually I think theyll update the UI, I just think they have other updates in mind first.