Post-game poses are neat, but could benefit from three things:

I posted this elsewhere but thought I’d share my thoughts here too

  1. Combine pose screen with the EXP gain screen,
  2. Allow players to choose their avatar as their profile as a pose,
  3. Restore the Halo 4 poses,

I’m down for congratulating the winner of the last game, especially since it emphasizes player appearance, but now there are three screens to transition between, neither of which really need to be as big as they are, displaying minimal information.

For using Avatars as poses, this enhances legacy functionality while granting players who are waiting for new poses in the exchange (everyone right now) at least over 100 new options. This also gives more value to the specialty Avatars players received in the Master Chief Collection’s early launch.

And with restoring the Halo 4 poses, not only does it preserve legacy content, but the Halo 4 poses were incredibly dynamic and showcased the player’s preferences in skin.


I just want 2 things from poses;

  1. Apply “New Skins” Toggle to them so it’s consistent with what we see in-game with the toggle set to off
  2. Add an additional toggle to auto skip the podium screen

Also, it should be the Top 3 players of the match overall not just from the winning team.

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There really needs to be a toggle for this new feature. I don’t particularly want to see the podium, but I’m forced to.

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I’d be happy with either or. Either make the armor toggle effect the podium too or let me toggle the podium off.