Post-Game Dashboard Ideas

I’m sure this report isn’t finalized, but I thought I would give some ideas here.

  1. Power Weapon Kills, Damage Dealth, and Accuracy are cool to track, but should not be the first things that show. I think Kills, Deaths, and KDA (Spread is actually more interesting to me) are more important and should be front and center. I honestly don’t even care about “score” in a slayer game. Even though there may be a difference between score and kills, I think the inclusion of both is more confusing than the omission of one.

  2. Information about rounds should only display for matches with more than one round

  3. Vehicle destructions are currently bugged and spartan kills are being counted as Vehicle Destructions. Also the text wrapping on that column is no good. (Shouldn’t display)

  4. When you drill down into a player, there should be some information there that isn’t included in the main dashboard. Tool of destruction is a big one for me. Should also darken the background because the dashboard isn’t opaque enough and it looks cluttered currently.

Also KDA has too many decimal places, and there’s a bug where my name is wrapping around to the bottom of the dashboard, displaying at the bottom of the other team.