Post BP Progression Issues

Now that the game has been out for going on 2 months (MP that is), I and other players are starting to hit BP rank 100 without the use of any boosts. A number of issues if left unchanged are going to quickly become problematic.

Challenge swaps need to be still earnable past rank 100. I’m sitting on a small pile of them, but knowing that there is another 5 months of this season left, and assuming no repeats of “Ultimate Challenge” rewards, players are going to quickly burn through them before the season ends.

The ultimate challenge really should be a completely separate item to work towards. After hitting BP 100, and no longer needing XP, it immediately just turns into a LONG grind just to unlock a minor cosmetic. Instead, the Ultimate Challenge should just be a multi-step challenge, that you can start working towards immediately. Something like: Daily, Weekly, and Ultimate. That way for players that aren’t interested in XP, they can more quickly earn the weekly Ultimate reward.


Wow almost seems like 343 knew from the start what the progression system should have been yet changed it anyway to please the crowd. I as well have hit 100 playing a couple hours a week. I did buy the upgraded pass with 25 levels since I knew I wouldn’t be playing a lot. Should have saved the extra cash and just bought the pass alone.

Not saying the BP is perfect and I still think they needed to add more whether its more levels or a different pass all together but I felt like them making the change to adding more XP per game was going to create this problem of everyone completing the pass a lot sooner than expected. Luckily we still have monthly events and the weekly challenges to get the 1 junk item they decide to throw up every week.