POST 11/26 (523 MB) Patch Issues - READ 343

POST ALL issues with game post 11/26 Patch here…

My experience has been good game finding times as a single, but party system is broken.


  • Cannot join friends parties even after reset. (was better pre update but still terrible pre update) - Was better last night at 11/27 12pm, now not a single friend can join me no can i join them. (my friends are experiencing same things on their own today. - After failed join attempt of a friend, the in game roster will display options that it shouldnt… “promote to leader” and “kick player”- In summary you cannot play with parties. I have open NAT 60mb/s charter in Atlanta, GA

730 pm, finally got to join a friend…
10 minutes of searching for a big team game… no match so i back out of search…

party was separated.

  • 740 EST while in party with friend, found full game,- “creating teams” began, got stuck,- everyone was kicked.- Party was broken up. - Attempted to rejoin friend, but “joining player” popup remained on screen for 6 + minutes- (could not cancel/leave this screen…game is basically frozen) i- restart xbox- contemplate purchasing plane ticket to seattle to go to public market for good smoked salmon- drive 343. headquarters


An easy summation of MCC post-patch; Shxt still don’t work, plain and simple.

10pm est, leaving “searching for game” with a party never brings party with you… Ie you cannot try different playlists

Upon friend joining me post split, 12 ppl from matchmaking appear in roster for a few seconds… then disappear.


I second another post… Remove any penalties currently for leaving a game (out side of game with even teams) …if the game has unbalanced players, and people decide they dont want to play, let them leave.

Pointless thread. Post patch problems are exactly the same as pre patch problems but with quicker matchmaking times.

Classic Halo 2 only:
When you die you don’t see emblems above your teammates heads, you see service tags instead!
Actually you see service tag above both teammates and enemies.

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Halo 3 stats still do NOT count on your service record.


Sometimes (50% of the time) after the game ends now im in a lobby that says “Waiting…” at the top and the game will crash if you stay in that screen longer than 10 seconds