Possitve thoughts on the campaign

I think 343 has done a great job on the campaign so far. I have been enjoying the new characters and the very different game play they have made by having it be open world. it is fun to walk around and explore and the difficulty is just right for a halo game ( playing heroic ). i am not giveing any spoilers hear and anyone commenting please dont spoil.

Halo Fortnite cringe edition made for kids. 343 has made Halo a kids game. Also it’s the most generic open world style game to exist. Go here/save person/fight boss rinse repeat.

I like the Hunters encounter at Catch Skull.

  1. It’s nice that they are creating a different sort of gameplay counter to Hunters, which is electric damage bypassing their armor.
  2. They conveniently have 3 Brutes near the Hunters with Shock Rifles and Disruptors, which steers the player toward using those weapons to beat the Hunters.

Very good gameplay direction here, and am happy that they are using this sort of method to teach players how to beat the Hunters. You could always try to run circles around one, but now you can just choose to use Electric damage to dab on them from range instead.

Also Banished Hunters are brutal af. Their rapid fire cannon is nuts.

I sincerely appreciate that they’ve moved back in a classic Halo direction in terms of gameplay, art style and general tone. This campaign is such a major improvement over 4 and 5 in almost every way.

I do think the open world thing sounds cooler than it ends up being, because that style of gameplay in general can just get repetitive and shallow feeling relatively quickly, especially as something of a diversion away from the rest of the story. But you can’t deny it’s fun to just load up a razorback full of marines with the volatile skewer and mess around. I haven’t finished it yet but the story missions so far are great. The writing and characters seem good and it has a good balance of humor.

I also love all the little touches like grunt dialogue etc.

Overall it’s pretty solid and definitely enjoyable. it’s by far the best campaign 343 has made.

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just found out that campaign cannot be played offline and so that very much chabges my view. Just wasted £54

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