Possible Weapon Configuration

Human Covie Brute
Sniper Beam Rifle
DMR Focus Rifle
BR Needle Rifle Carbine?[//u]
MA5B,MA37? Plasma Rifle,Needler Brute Plasma Rifle
SMG,Shotgun Spiker,Mauler
Sword Hammer
M6D,M6C? Plasma Pistol,Needle Pistol?Grenade Launcher Concussion Rifle Brute Shot
Splaser Plasma Launcher
Rocket Fuel Rod
Frag ,EMP? Sticky Spike
Question marks are ideas
For those who dont know the MA37 is the reach AR and the M6C is the halo 2 magnum
I know the carbine is not a brute weapon but i always felt that it was very brutish. so if its in Halo 4 it should be a brute weaon with brute styling

Sorry about the layout i thought it would look alot better but it took all my spaces away

Assuming we’re getting Covie weapons and not Forerunner equivalents.

you could have color-coded the weapons into category’s…

but i pretty sure that there are going to be a few new ones to add to your list

I i know there are going to be new ones i was just wondering if people liked the idea of having all of those weapons

I noticed you didn’t assign any melee weapon for the UNSC, why not allow the character in the game to equip his/her knife? One problem I’ve come across playing mutiplayer is that when I am out of ammo, I am forced to make a decision that could cost valuable killing time.
You have two options when out of ammo,

  1. Risk your life running around looking for particular ammo…
  2. Ditch that trusty shotgun and pick up that pea shooter thing they call a plasma pistol…

Tell me what you think.