Possible to get the SR 152 coatings after release?

Does anyone know if it’s going to be possible to get the SR 152 ‘tokens of appreciation’ after Halo Infinite releases? I’m not even remotely close to hitting that rank, and likely won’t be able to reach it in time for Infinite’s launch (without quitting my job and dropping out of school, haha). But when it comes to customization, I usually run a red and black/grey combo—so that assault rifle coating is right up my alley.

It was never specifically started that you have to reach 152 before Infinite releases.

It’s a very long grind and people probably want to play the new game instead of grinding Halo 5. That maybe a reason for the race to 152 before the release.

It would be nice however, if 343 clarified that issue in a future blog.

I’m assuming that you’ll be able to get it even after Infinite is released. You could still get the Legendary MCC related achievement for H5 post launch so I think you can still get it. It would be nice if they even gave a quick tweet out or something in regards to it.

I have to get 100k/day for the next 299 days lol. I
dont think I can keep that pace as easy as it is.

Probably can, nothing has stated you have to reach 152 before release of Infinite, however now is a good time thanks to 2xp.