Possible Theory????

Ok this idea came to me and it kind of intrigued me so here it goes:

Maybe Master Chief is being pulled into the forge world to be saved??
Maybe JOhn is precious to the forunner people… he is the Reclaimer, is he not?

Its confirmed that there are forunner weapons in Halo 4 which was stated in tthe bullitin two weeks back
Maybe Johns weapon supplies come from the forunner, but there advanced forms of human weapons? Were talking about super ancient race here… its more than possible! This can also be an explanation to why he has new armor…

343 has been saying that the story will be very Master Chief (JOhn) central. The story is going to go on a deeper level with who John is. This triology is about him. Bungie finished the war… but 343 is finishing JOhn. See what im saying??

Come to think of it, i wasnt really satisfied with the ending to Halo 3… i asked myself “is that is?” But at the same time i was satisfied the way the war ended…

Now 343 is giving me the story that will end JOhns story

For this reason i believe Forunner will be loyal due to the fact that they (besides the oracle) know that the Reclaimer actually means to John

343 i trust… 200 staff… 117… 1 hero… 25 million fans.

Yes, the Reclaimer trilogy will almost entirely focus on Chief. 343i knows what they’re doing, and the new trilogy about John will be amazing :slight_smile:

As much as people hate games with flashbacks i hope they have a few of flashbacks with a much younger chief like when he got into the boxing ring with those ODST’s still remember that.