Possible Temporary Solution For Matchmaking

Dear Halo brothers and sisters,

like all/the majority of you, my friends and I have suffered under the current matchmaking issues, and unfortunately the server updates have shown only little improvement.

I may have a little exploit / bug / temporary solution that will make life as an owner of The Master Chief Collection slightly easier.

Two friends and I wanted to try out Rumble Pit on Day One (before any patches/updates). Before that, I was on my own and searched for a game, but to my displeasure I only got a long wait with wonderful music. However, when the three of us searched for a game separately (because the party can’t be bigger than 1) we always found a game in less than 5 minutes (most of the time way less).

Lucky coincidence? I don’ think so. We found each other every time with one exception, where only two of us were in the same game. Yesterday (after the 10am PST patch/update), two of us then tried it on the Halo 3 playlist (again, separately) and voila, we found a game in no time, and we were, again, in the same match.

I hope this works for you guys, and I hope this helps 343i as well.

Do your best to fix these issues, 343i, you’ve made a great game / collection but we just want to play it without any ugly and extremely annoying interruptions. And to all of the gamers out there, hang in there, for no enemy has ever withstood our might, these bugs too shall fail!