Possible solution to no refund for LE/Season?

Xbox came out and said that no refunds will be given regarding the map pack issue. So essentially these people that preordered these maps overpaid by 400 points.

Instead of a refund, why not unlock fotus armor for all the le/season pass holders. I think people would be okay with this. 343 and Microsoft just take responsibility for their mistake and unlock it for us. It costs them literally nothing so I dont see why this would be a bad idea. Then at least these users would feel compensated in a way.

Just my 2 cents

That’s not fair on the console owners.
I bought the LE, but if I got the fotus armour, that means that console owners have lost THEIR digital content.


No. Then I lost my exclusive content for my Halo 4 Xbox 360 Edition aside from being completed -Yoinked!- by buying the Limited Edition and losing all the contents to all the standard users and non-map pass buyers.

No, better idea raise the price of futire maps to 1000 points, so it compensates for the free map pack.

So, the Console buyers are fine with everything, so long as they are not effected?

why not make all skins except fotus available

Console buyers get the exclusivity of the limited edition xbox. If you bought the xbox simply for a limited piece of armor then you should have just bought it off ebay would have saved you money.

It would still be limited just to people who bought the limited edition/season pass before the map pack was free. I’m just saying its a solution that provides compensation without giving a refund. If there is another unlockable armor they could use that too. Thats what I’m getting at provide something unique in game for these people who got shafted. It costs the company nothing to unlock this for users.

What about a Pre-Order skins pack?

OP then people who bought the consoel will be jipped out of FOUTS.