Possible solution to logo freeze

Game kept freezing when I got to the Halo 2 logo. After about 6 restarts I decided to try something else. I did a hard reset on my X1, logged into my profile, booted the game and pressed A. Before I pressed start to begin the tutorial, I let the pictures “cycle” through twice. What I mean by this is, the first picture I saw was a spartan in front of a scorpion. I waited until I saw this picture again twice, meaning I let the game cycle through all the pictures until it went back to the spartan tank one. Then I let it do the same thing again. It worked, and I restarted the beta and did this again just to confirm, and it worked again. I also notice after the second cycle, the screen quickly flashes black, a sign I assume meaning the game has loaded all code.

Good luck all.

I hard restarted from that UI button on the guide, it worked for me after that.

I tried that too before and it didn’t work :confused: