Possible solution for Host quitting

If nothing will be done about people quitting games, I think 343i should at least consider doing something when said player is the host of the game. I’ve seen games take 5 minutes to start back up after the host left. It’s horribly inconvenient, and destroys the flow of the game.

My solution would be to program in a second dialogue box after the host of the game attempts to quit the game. It would warn the player, “You are currently the host of the game, quitting will result in Penalty Would you still like to quit?”. If they do quit in the conventional fashion, they could be burdened with a temporary ban which increases in time every time they quit as host. Maybe lower the time slightly every time the offender successfully completes a couple games without quitting.

What would be better is if 343i got dedicated servers. It would mean less lag and no host = no Bs.