Possible Season Ideas

What if each season was catered to each game in the series? We know season 1 is aimed at Reach heroes armours, but what if each season brought in weapons, vehicles, maps, armours etc from each game. Let’s say season 1 also adds the DMR, Focus Rifle, Forge World, Reach Magnum, Falcon and Revenant etc. Imagine having all the different magnums and assault rifles, different versions of Blood Gultch etc. Whether the guns and vehicles be skins, cores or full on their own thing. What do you think?

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I would think 343 has most of their seasons planned out by now.

Yeah would be cool to give some ideas, but 343 likely has the first 4 or 5 planned out.

I like the idea that each season brings new content in the form of new weapons and vehicles, perhaps themed after old games in the franchise, or historical events in the background of Halo. But surely they already have enough seasons in mind.