Possible revamp of the way we view armors

So as I’m cracking neck and cashing Reqs I’ve noticed a problem: I have soooo many armors too many to keep track of in fact. I’m down to 6 Legendary Helmets and 7 Legendary Armors then I’ll be on the Mythics (Hype) so that’s about 170-160 pieces of armor for both head and body. What I’m suggesting is a simple system either made by the community as a browser plug in (Like the one that allows you to easily sell Reqs) that basically works like this:
>Recruit (Standard)
>Recruit Proven
It would basically be a drop down menu system that takes the unlocked armors orginizes them Alphabetically and would have the variation or variotions of each armor piece. In this case the Recruit armor, it would also naturally need to show the armor on your Spartan.

What do you all think of this ? Please give feedback, I’d love for someone who is better at coding than I am to make this dream a reality.

I like it, anything that sorts the system is fine by me.

Good idea. At the very least, give the option to sort them alphabetically, for goodness sake!

I wouldnt mind a system that at least sorts armor into light, medium and heavy versions. Thatd be pretty dope

Yeah pretty sick as well :stuck_out_tongue: