Possible reference to Red vs Blue in Halo 5

We have seen that the Sangheilis of the Arbiter use red armor, and Jul’s Sangheilis use blue armor. It could be indirectly referring to Red vs. Blue? What say guys?

You might be looking a bit too far into that, but there will probably be a lot rvb references since Halo 4 was chock full of them.

I mean maaaaaybe, but I doubt it.

Probably, it was only a detail

They’ll probably have other easter eggs referencing rvb, but I don’t think Swords of Sanghelios’ colour is a direct reference to rvb. Same as the team colours in multiplayer.

Maybe but doubt it

You are looking to far but I will not be surprised if there will be

might be asking a bit much with that

I highly doubt it, as it seems far fetched. But I wouldn’t be surprised if there were obvious RvB Easter Eggs.

Only if they start asking each other why they are there.