Possible reason for No Collision

I prefer collision, but perhaps the reason why it’s not in is because Assassinations aren’t in the game yet?

My theory is that its buggy and not implemented fully yet.

Reason - look at how wonky enemy collision is.


they have literally addressed this and said that it’s because bumping your team mates or getting body blocked when trying to retreat can be game ruining

why make theories for things that are already confirmed???

Because no one has said its ruined the game for the past 20 years halo existed lol


I didn’t say they have. I said 343 decided that, and gave a reason for why it’s disabled, so having a conversation about “hmmm maybe this is why it’s disabled, maybe it’s coming in the future” is really ignorant

Whoops my bad.
Just speculation, I figured Assassinations would tie in to microtransactions some how.
I do like being able to fall back when I’m being pressed and not worry I’ll get blocked, but no collision has other major issues

The solution to that is to make better maps that aren’t littered with tight corridors and doorways instead of completely removing a core feature of the entire franchise.

I get that. I wasn’t calling you out - I’ve read their reasoning. I just strongly disagree with it and believe its not properly developed yet due to what we’ve seen with enemy collision.

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it’s not a “feature” lmao it’s just the result of the old physics system. It’s especially not a “CORE FEATURE” LMAOOOO

I thought infinite had a new engine and physics

It’s just their design decision. They may change it in the future but sadly for now we’re stuck playing as ghosts

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Well, if that’s the explanation, ok.
Was sure it was related to implementing Assassinations on launch, and mtxing most of the animations.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving Spartans