Possible Ranking System

I tried to make a simaler post on the Bungie forums but of course the immaturity over on those forums lef to me wanting to post this over here. Anyways,As we all know the current ranking system in Halo Reach is based on cR eanred via gametime, commedation progress, slot machine, etc etc.
So with that being said there is one ranking system for the ranked playlist. The Arena. Based off of a W/L ratio, but currently I’ve noticed major flaws with the Arena ranking system.For example, I play on a team of 4. My team was all given its division on the same night, with 37 wins and 3 losses we were split into into the Gold and Onyx division. However, our top player who held a K/D of 2 was Gold, and our worst player having a current K/D of 1.1 in the playlist for this season, was given Onyx. The next day when out % was shown, our worst player was Top 7% onyx and out best player 10% Gold.
You have to admit, that makes absolutly no sense.With that being said, this is just my idea of how to divide the playlists in order to accomdate everyone.
Social Playlist.
Team Slayer,Infection,Multi-Team, Double Team,Team ObjectiveAll playlists that are currently in place except MLG and Team Snipers
All Playlists above minusInfection, Multi-Team, Invasion, Griffball, Action Sack, Classic Slayer, Community BTB, etc etc
So with the division of these MM playlists, we can now re-introduce a type of ranking for the competitive playlist. It can be a number rank, or the current style of ranking, Iron-Onyx.Now with this, what about you’re cR rank?Simple. Everygame still gets you cR, adding towards you’re Global Rank.
So, you have you’re Global rank, and then you have you’re competitive playlist ranks.This allows for all sides of the community to be happy! I honestly believe that a real ranking system is needed in this game. Alot of people agree. This way, those who want a rank that says, " Yes, you are a god among men at Team Slayer" can have that. Those who want to play for fun, but still get cR towards their global rank, but don’t like competititve play style, can play socail or FF.I however think that a number rank is the better of the two. Iron-Onyx was a great idea but I happen to think it won’t work due to the population that would play each playlists, which brings me to another potential flaw in this idea.Population. I’m not saying “Reach is dieing :(” but if they were to split these playlists into a non ranked and ranked, I don’t see a high enough population being able to support each ranked playlist. Anyways, these are just my ideas.Please feel free to comment or add you’re own ideas.

Your huge block of thread makes it intimidating to start reading.

Use paragraphs.

Also, the Halo Reach ranking ISN’T based on credits; its based on W/L ratio. However, you rank is invisible.
The icon you see is just your credits progress, not necessarily a ranking.
Like being an Inheritor doesn’t automatically mean you have a better ranking then a General.

When I wrote this , it was all spaced out. When I posted it, it did that by it’s self. None the less, It will be fixed.
Also, you’re rank is not based on W/L. Arena ranking is. However it is flawed as I gave an actual example. You’re rank, Hero, Legend, is based on cR. If you are refering to trueskill, that is a completly differn’t issue. With the “Invisible rank” I can make a point to say, if this rank is invisible but effects who I play. Why is it that I play against people who are terrible? There is no reason that me and my team should win in Team Slayer 50-0.

yea the arena ranking system doesnt take K/D spread into account. Maybe your “best player”(K/D doesnt mean anything to me tbh) Had previously played before and lost a good few cause you do have to get rated 5 days to earn a division.