Possible New vehicles for dlc leaders?

So I was doing some reading and there was a scrapped vehicle for HW1 which was called a cougar, and the mastodon looks and fits a similar role as the cougar. The point being it would seem they brought back a previously obsolete concept for a new leader and made it work(kinda). It would be cool to see if 343 brought back some other obscure or obsolete vehicles and weapons for the next 4 leaders; i.e. The b-65 short sword from HW1 as a possible leader ability for an air strike, the f-99 Wombat the drones from ODST (perfect ability or unit for the future ODST leader), AV-19 Skyhawks which are barely mentioned but could be a top tier leader power for a leader, and lastly for the UNSC the rhino as it could still fulfill the siege artillery role of the Kodiak. As for the covenant they created plenty of original units, being the shroud, blisterback, and marauder to name a few but to add some more obscure ones possibly the Gorgon, which is more like a reaver, but the specter and revenant would be cool. Thoughts and input?

Small edit, the falcon would be nice as an air transport for the UNSC(counter to phantom not transport like the pelican), and the Shadow could be the counter to the mastodon.