Possible new face of Thel 'Vadam Halo 5: Guardians

Well because the above information in this post that was mostly filtered’ve had to delete it. Sorry.

Well we all have probably seen the new armor Inquisitor Thel’Vadam this armor is mainly created for important events or negotiations and armor of the original covenant, the inquisitor armor check for battles, well just wanted to ask them what they would like to appear on Guardians halo 5? I would honestly like to appear both during the campaign.

Pretty sure this could be considered a leak…

What I’m more interested in is that giant bird on that screen in the background.

This is a leak. Take it down quickly before you get yourself banned!

Leak, against forum rules. Don’t want to get hit by 343 guilty sparks laser now do you ?

yeah…343 could shoot you down anytime bro…that’d be bad…or they could release some news and cover it up like Marvel did the Ultron trailer and blame it on a Forerunner virus or something…

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:
But yeah, that’s a leak and you should take it down (it’s against the forum rules). There are other sites where you can discuss these things more freely.

True just me and I realized that this information was leaked, I thought it had revealed them, well take away the post ASAP.

Thanks anyway, looks great

I don’t know if this is a leak, I saw a similar video posted on Facebook