Possible new boss tease

At the end of the kinsano trailer at pas, you see a final screen which shows the details on when the content drops and what it is. In the background you see two shadowy figures that look like hunters.

Now this could be nothing but if you guys remember in halo 5 after every stream there was a small teaser for the next update. What if this is similar, instead of a video they just show a vague image.

New hunters as a leader?

here’s a link to the clip on YouTube, It’s right at the end.

That is for the link. I am not sure what to make of the shadow Hunters in the back.

Hunters as a leader… hmmm.

I think they maybe a new unit? But a hunter leader, it is interesting but i doubt it. Because if you read the bio for the hunters in the logs in game they are not treated well. so much so that scarab kills the lekgolo worms that control it, it gets incredibly hot inside that thing. But i hope the next leader for the bansihed is like a another mercenary type, like let, but is a jackal pirate or another brute or elite.

some hunters are treated very well. They even hold very prestigious places in the covenant. Ship masters had a hunter pair bonded to them to protect them, these hunters understood their role and did what her was said. In one case they allowed a rebellion aboard a ship, where one elite killed the shipmaster and took over the crew