Possible MP Balance Solution

My post is intended to address the balance of the starting weapons in loadouts not considering the tweaks needed to he JIP and ordinance systems.

As it stands now, the DMR is plain and simple OP. Please correct me if I’m wrong about the hit scan properties of any of the guns.

I think we should have the DMR as a non hit scan weapon and make the BR hit scan. One heavy round will be slower than three small rounds. Along with that the DMRs rate of fire is a bit fast IMO. I think this could help even out the DMR/BR ordeal.

The carbine is severely outclassed. Possibly a small damage boost?

As for the light rifle, it makes no sense to me why it isn’t hit scan. It is an advanced forerunner weapons that fires condensed beams of LIGHT. Should be 100% hitscan considering its low rate of fire.

Lastly I think the storm rifle could use an effective range boost to make it more useable.

Let me know your thoughts