Possible Hunter Improvments

So in Halo 6 we know nearly for sure hunters will return, because you know, its not likely they’ll disappear anytime soon. So I had a few ideas for how the Hunters could be improved.

  1. Morphing. So if you’ve seen Halo Nightfall you will know that Lekgolo play a major part in its story and we see them take different forms all the time so why not in have something similar in Halo 6? Imagine a deserted Covenant base with you and a squad of waving there rifles around looking for some data when all of a sudden, BOOM! A swarm of Lekgolo jump into a marine, burst out of his back and it takes his form and his rifle. Bullets are flying then another bursts out of a pile of crates and goes for another marine and takes its form. Every bullet that hits them knocks a few worms off till a limb bursts off and becomes its own organism, maybe even using a crate as its core and charges at you. They could do this with Prometheans too but instead of killing them it just surrounds and takes control of its body, and when the worms die the Promethean attack on its own
  2. Vehicles. Essentially all this is a autonomous vehicle with hunter worms on which may have burst from a hunters back
  3. Variation. So in Halo Wars 2 we see Skiterers ( Is that How you spell it? ) and Berserkers I think there called so why not have them in a game? Maybe even have occasional worm drops acting like the ones in point 1
  4. Assassination’s. There’s been more than 1 time I have wished you could assassinate Hunters so how about adding them! Imagine sticking a grenade into a Hunters back or face, running and waiting for him to implode. What about slashing its back with a knife or shoving your hand in one and tearing hundreds of worms out.
  5. Sensitivity. How about this, a Hunter squad attacks you, hundreds of worms burst out at you then they stop. You throw a grenade and they follow it giving you time to retreat and hide. All we need for this is the ability to turn our guns off and suits, or just not have one. This could be useful in a stealth mission or just to make the game easier. Of course when you have the gun off you will not be able to fire it.

That was the final one I had. Be sure tell me your ideas too!

Still waiting to be able to assassinate a hunter

Don’t forget about being able to loot their weapons. It would be so cool if you could defeat a tough Hunter and take its Berserker’s Claw