Possible halo wars 2 0x80070570 solution

I think I may have found a solution.

I posted this in the [343 RESPONSE] HALO WARS 2 INSTALLATION STOPPED thread. But I wanted to get this out there as as fast as possible, so I’m creating a new thread for it also.

I really didn’t want to factory reset my Xbox, so I tried deleting the 3 other profiles on my xbox. The installation used to always stop at 18%, but now it’s at 44% (started at 8:00 AM, currently 4:17PM).

I have to leave now, but I’ll leave it running. But I won’t know if it worked till Monday. Might be a fluke. Might be the actual solution. We’ll see…

It’s now 4:47PM. The game launched but wants an update. I think it might work.

An OS update has been released to insiders, and will be released to everyone (maybe it already has?) that may help many people stuck in this state. Deleting your profiles should not affect this issue.